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Legacy Training Center is an accredited Real Estate School approved by the Iowa Real Estate Commission and classes are open to every agent from any brokerage.


Setting Real Estate Client Expectations | 1 Hour CEU - $25

Course # 259-6298-E

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023
1:00 PM - 2 PM 

Zoom OR 708 5th St, Coralville


Legacy Training Center along with Kurtis Hartsock and Emilie Walsh will share with you the importance of AND ways to set your real estate clients' expectations. Resulting in a smoother transaction for them and YOU.


Students attending on Zoom must have audio/visual contact with the instructor and are expected to be an active participant. Walking around, running errands, lengthy conversations on the phone while on camera, or other distracting activities may result in not receiving credit for the course.


A course may be repeated in a renewal period ONLY if the course number and instructor are different.


November 2023 | Setting Real Estate Client Expectations

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